Mathematics From Early Childhood Into Late Primary in South Africa

Getting to Grips with Primary School Mathematics in SA 

After many years of teaching high school maths, I suddenly find myself needing to upskill and understand the way mathematics is taught at the primary school level because of my involvement with a local NGO. Like everything in life you just start at the beginning, so this is that beginning. Hopefully, over time, I will add to this list based on my interactions with other primary school teachers.  

Quality Maths Resources

General SA & CAPS Docs

Navigating the Caps Documents in Light of Current Student Understanding

My hope is that with time I will add a collection of administrative overview and smaller planning docs to help teachers navigate the day to day adaptions necessary in the classroom. This is particularly important given the loss of learning time over the last two years with COVID-19. As the conventional age-related milestones do not really apply in the same way and teachers will be forced to constantly adapt to what they see in front of them. 


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