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Book Review of Digital Minimalism

Book Review of Digital Minimalism by Peter Schutte I just finished reading Cal Newport's, ‘Digital Minimalism’ and I wanted to record my thoughts while they are still fresh in my head. So here it goes ... The book is a succinct and well researched piece of writing that takes a critical look at the way in which modern society uses digital communication tools. Its central point is that in the age of the attention economy, where smartphones act as modern day billboards and multinational IT firms have massive incentives for us to continue to increase our usage. We need to think more critically about how we use these new communication tools and the roles we allow them to play in our lives.  A particularly illuminating thought that comes across, is the conceptualisation of a point at which more digital communication means less high quality and productive human life. A useful analogue with the economic principle of diminishing marginal returns is also drawn. As well as the related questi

My Top 20 Resources on the Web for Maths Teachers

Introduction As we have all moved online for schooling , the need to locate high quality resources for maths teaching has become even more relevant. Here is my current top 20 collection of resource sites / channels. They are not ranked in any particular order.  Maths is Fun - fantastically simple but broad reference website with few ads Khan Academy  - treasure trove of useful videos and practice  Nrich  - storehouse of conceptually rich questions  Desmos  - graphical calculator and fun well thought out dynamic activities  YouCubed  - tasks designed with deep mathematical rigour Dy/Dan Blog  - great original ideas for maths classes Siyavula Textbooks - open source & free to repurpose 3 Blue Brown Youtube Channel  - inspiring visual mathematical concept videos  The Organic Chemistry Tutor   - simple effective help videos for maths  Crash Course Statistics   - really well thought out explainer videos  Dr Nic  - amazing youtube channel for resource videos  MAP  -  conceptually rigor

More Resources for Structuring Educational Research

Introduction This is a collection of my latest useful resources from my Research.  It is an interesting mixture of screenshots and documents I came across through searching the web or my supervisor.                 Becoming A Literature Search Ninja   Kickstart your Research   Successful Educational Research  Literature Review Templates  Really Good Dissertation Guide   Thematic Lit Review Video Lit Reviews Writing Center How to write a Literature review   How to Conduct a Literature Review: Organizing/Writing Research And Dissertation Resources DOCUMENT TEMPLATES Writing Tools  Hemingway Editor  Thesis Writer  Open Source Writing Aide   Grammarly