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Finding Literature for Research

  Introduction I decided to do this post, as I am busying completing my minor dissertation and one of the key skills I am needing to upgrade is my ability to find useful, credible and relevant academic literature for my research area. As I have dug deeper into the problem, it was interesting to see how many different approaches there were and how the skill is a strange mix of being systematic and creative at the same time. I also had a friend who is an experienced academic who made some very helpful videos on the topic and so I have included them in this post too. Charting a Path The world's knowledge, whilst mostly converted into digital form these days, is still really spread out amongst a varied collection of sources. These sources comprise things like open source repositories, university libraries, private databases, journal articles, ...  etc. Access to these sources or repositories is not always free and even when you do manage to get access through a university login

Meta Analysis of the Factors affecting Student Achievement

This is a fantastically useful study that tries to pinpoint the factors that contribute to student achievement , through conducting a Meta Analysis of current research in the field. For all teachers it is worth bearing in mind those factors that make the biggest difference when designing learning engagements or running departments. Original Article 

A Getting Started Kit for Online Learning (with Templates)

Introduction As most of the world has gone into a sudden phase of online learning. I thought it would be helpful to put together a starter pack of simple resources. I used these to get my classes up and running fully online, over the last week. The main things I focused on were: A place to put learning resources that students could easily get too. A way to to create a sense of community alongside the work we were doing.  A way to keep track what was going on with my students and give feedback in an efficient manner.  Having a Place to Put Things & Sequence Learning  So my go to tool for getting setup was just a simple Google Doc with 3 columns and a contents page. To add to the visual appeal I used different fonts, colours and clear headings. I have included a basic template below for anyone to use if they would like. You could also use things like: Google Classroom, Edmodo, Managebac, a Google Site, the list goes on ...  In the end you just choose the thing that wo

Euclidean Geometry for 11 - 13 year olds

I just finished a course in Learning Design and  I am keen to keep experimenting with the new skills I developed, so that I consolidate them for the longer term. The first small task I have decided to undertake, is to use the MYP Unit planning framework to design a learning experience based around the subject area of Euclidean Geometry. Below is a Google Form I made, to make engaging with the framework a little easier. There is also a Word Doc Template I found. Over the longer term I am not quite sure which will be more useful? My hope is to be able to create an amazing unit on the topic. In order to do this I have  collected some of my best resources on the topic below. Once I am satisfied I have all the resources I need, I will then put summarise it all into my final unit plan. Unit Planning using the IB MYP Planning Framework Planning tool for MYP Maths using a Google Form  Instead of Using a Google Form - A Word Doc Template could also be used Teachers plannin