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Collection of Maths Resources

Conceptual ideas are important. In a sense, there is a need to develop an intuitive ‘feel’ for mathematics (e.g. the ability to visualise the ideas of proportion in relation to many settings rather than simply being able to mechanically share quantities in a given ratio), which would probably not be developed via a solely procedural-based curriculum. Teacher Support Material from IB Paid MyMaths Website   Polyup - Experiential Learning  Homeschool Maths   YouCubed - Experiential Maths   Desmos Teacher Activities   Brilliant - Experiential Learning   Introduction With the amount of Mathematics content online now a days,  I often find the biggest challenge is sorting through what to share with my students in class. Often resources appear usable at first, but then as you dig down deeper there are issues with alignment to the curriculum, notational differences or just confusing accents. However every now and again, you find a stand alone unit of work th