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My Broad Reflection on 2 Years as an IB Mathematics Teacher

Introduction As I have recently come to the end of my 2 year contract teaching Mathematics at my first IB teaching post. I wanted to record my experiences while they were still fresh in my head and ripe for reflecting on. My particular context was that of a full continuum school where we had the PYP, MYP & DP programs running. The relatively new CP program was not running at the school where I was teaching. The majority of my time over the two years was spent teaching Mathematics in the MYP program and then about a quarter of my time was spent teaching Mathematics in the DP program  I also acted as a personal project supervisor (PP) for M5's and was also lucky enough to go on a number of Interdisciplinary Unit Trips (IDU's) and Outdoor Pursuit Trips (OP). This is an overview reflection and therefore quite broad, but hopefully at some point I will get to go into more detail on other relevant aspects. General Structure  In terms of understanding the overall design of an IB ed

My List of 10 Maths Teachers Worth Following

Introduction As I go through a period of signifigant reflection at the end of my current teaching contract. The need to file and store high quality sources is up most on my mind. I find that during conventional teaching time, it is always a struggle to store and file the interesting maths teachers and the associated resources I find on the web. So I wanted to take the time now, to make a list of people whose work I plan to look at more closely in future. Perhaps some of these names will be of use to you too. Mrs E   Dan Meyer   William Emeny Alice Keeler Jo Boaler Gareth Metcalfe   Denise Gaskin Don Steward Marilyn Burns Craig Barton

10 Text Focused Resource Sites for Maths Teachers

Introduction Sometimes you just need simple resource rich websites without pages of slow to load video. This is a list of some of my favourite sites that are quick to load and easy to engage with. If you take the time to look around these sites, there is a lot of very useful information for anybody who is a teacher of Mathematics.  1) MathsSalamanders   2) MathIsFun   3) BritishInternationalSchoolOfPhuket   4) OnlineMathLearning   5) Educational Simulations    6) TopDrawerTeachers   7) National Council of Mathematics Teachers 8) Mathematics Assessment Project TRU 9) +MathsMagazine 10) Centre for Education in Mathematics & Computing(CEMC)

Defining Topics for Authentic Learning Experiences in a Mathematics Classroom

Introduction A couple of years ago I became fascinated by project based learning (PBL). As a result, I conducted my own experiments by designing unique educational engagements, based on literature I had read about PBL -   2015 , 2017 . I was impressed by the engagement achieved and it made me wonder how could I get a similar level of engagement, but with a content base more directly tied to my maths curriculum? The theory that seemed to offer the most promise was the concept of " Authentic Learning & Authentic Assessment ". To me, it seemed to offer a reasonable way of combining the strengths of project based learning, together with a process for acquiring understanding of a universally agreed upon useful mathematical content base. As a first step in the process of designing authentic learning experiences in mathematics, I tried to create a comprehensive list of topics that covered the context in which mathematics most commonly appears.  I would love your suggestions or a

My Top 20 YouTube Channels for Maths Teachers

Introduction The need to locate high quality resources for maths teaching has become even more relevant due to the Co-Vid 19 outbreak. Here are my current top 10 YouTube Channels for Maths Teachers. They are not ranked in any particular order.  MathsAntics    (concept videos with impressive visual reinforcement) Organic Chemistry Tutor   (concept videos with calm tone) 3 Blue Brown   (inspiration & curiousity) Dr Nic Maths & Stats   (higher level maths with clear concept videos) Khan Academy Channel - Math   (impressively clear concept videos and practice) Learn Math Tutorials   (clearly labelled explanation videos) TecMath   (clearly labelled explanation videos) Numberphile  (inspiration & curiousity) Further Maths  (clearly labelled explanation videos) Youtube Teachers  (very broad collection of explainer videos) Update A couple of weeks ago I wrote this post that listed my top 10 channels for maths teachers, on YouTube. Based on the usefulness of this post I have decided