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Getting an Overview of Statistics & Data Analysis for Use in Academics

Intro Here are a collection of links that give great outlines of important statistical concepts that you will find useful if you are trying to conduct academic research. These videos are chosen deliberately for their conciseness and clarity. Dr Nic  Types of Data   Types of Data Identifying Variation and Sampling Error  Sampling Methods   Designing a Questionnaire or Survey   Writing Good Survey Questions   Summary Statistics   Summary Stats with Measures of Spread  Statistical Inference  The Idea Behind Inference Understanding Statistical Significance   Choosing Statistical Tests   Correlation vs Causation  Mixture  Levels of Measurement  - Organic Chemistry Tutor  Research Methods - Levels of Measurement   IB / A Level  Choosing Statistical Tests  Help for Students doing IA   Choosing Tests   Crash Course  What is Statistics?

Finding Academic Information Efficiently

  Intro Here are a collection of links that give great advice on how to track down academic information efficiently over time. It could be particularly helpful for postgraduate students who are finding the accessing and sorting of academic information overwhelming. / / / /  

Understanding Social Network Analysis with a Focus on Teacher Collaboration

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay Introduction As part of my minor dissertation I am really having to up-skill on Social Network Analysis (SNA). This is a collection of the best stuff I have found on the the web to help me learn. This covers collecting data as well as visualising of the data and the calculation of various related descriptive statistics.  Update April 2021 Comprehensive resource for overview of Network Structure  in YouTube video and really great explanations About  Network Canvas  and citing it  and article about it Tools for Gathering Social Network Survey Data  Showcasing building a SNA Survey in Qualtrics - this is the method i have used Newer tech GENSI  with a graphical approach to capturing SNA data, that could possibly be integrated into Qualtrics  Network Canvas - very new but looks promising and free  Tools for Drawings Network Diagrams and Descriptive Stats 1) Ucinet - link to site   2) Netdraw  - link to site 3 ) Gephi - link to site   4) SocNetv - link