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Defining Do's & Do Not's in your Classroom

Introduction At the beginning of this year I tried out a new way of discussing and defining my classroom Rules with my learners. It was by no means perfect, but it felt like a breath of fresh air compared to the top down heavy authoritative processes I had used before. The purpose of this post is just to define the basics of what I did and to open the concept up to other teachers so it can be further refined through collaborative discussion. Below is a brief description of how the process works. Learning Goal Using collaborative discussion and negotiation to create a set of rules for the classroom that everyone believes are in their best interest to abide by. Learning Materials Two different colour post it notes, whiteboard, board markers. Method Ask students to think about what  they feel are the DO’s & DONT’s of a successful learning space. Then hand out 3 post it notes of each colour. Define one colour for DO’s and another for DONT’s. Then ask the students to w