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Staff Training on Enneagram & Future

WITH   KEITH COATES  FROM   TOMORROW TODAY Good Questions from Workshop What are the questions we should be asking, but aren’t? What is the most effective way to manage the schools information? What are the systems we have in place that are there but no longer contribute any value? Are we leveraging the power of the internet effectively? Why are we so scared of positive failures? Will all the staff buy in to this new way of educating? How do we harness the power of social media to revolutionise our teaching? How do we instil value for skills that aren’t measured in a matric exam? How do we get the buy-in from parents and girls? What is the most efficient way to develop short and long term plans for the school, where everybody feels a shared sense of ownership of those goals/plans .? Are we maximising  and leveraging the potential of the staff  in the way  we choose to  organise  ourselves? What is the organisational culture at WYNGHS at pr