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Useful Research Tools List

Intro Over the last couple of years as I have got into the world of Academia, certain tools have made my life much much easier. I thought I would put them all together in one place in case someone else finds them helpful and also so that I don't forget that they exist, going forward. Some Useful Links  Tools I've Used  Zotero - amazing reference and content management system Google Docs / Microsoft Word  Google Sheets / Excel Google Forms / Microsoft Forms  Qualtrics - high quality powerful survey software and Data Analysis  Timeline JS - making useful Timelines from spreadsheets - free tool for complex diagram drawing integrates with Drive / OneDrive Google Data Studio - for Data Analysis  Atlas.Ti for Qualitative Data Analysis  Temi - Transcription Services for Audio  Google Scholar   - Access to References Quickly BASE - Academic Search Engine  TurnItIn - Writing Feedback and Plagiarism Check  Grammarly - Writing Feedback and Error Correction  SocNetV

A little bit about OneNote for Maths Teachers

Intro Over the last year or so I have increasingly been using Microsoft OneNote to author my maths lessons. I think a lot of maths teachers would benefit from having a closer look at the tool as it has a lot features that lessen the amount of work a maths teacher has to do when preparing lessons. It is also very easy to work with, when collaborating with other maths teachers because of the native sharing functions it has. Some Useful Links  These are a collection of links I saved to help with common problems I had when starting to use OneNote as Maths Teacher.  My Online Notebooks URL   (link to the online version) Export and Import Copies of OneNote Notebooks  Import Whole Notebooks into OneNote Online URL Great OneNote Youtube Tutoria l for Maths Teachers  Summary I plan to return to this post in future and update it as I continue using OneNote in my Mathematics Teaching in 2022.