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Writing a Dissertation in Educational Research

Introduction I am at the stage now where I am finally beginning to write my dissertation and have noticed that this again needs a new set of skills. So I have decided to write another post to house the collection of resources I have used as I attempted to do this. This is actually the 5th post I have written which deals with resources I have found on the dissertation journey. I have linked the other three articles below for easy reference. Resources for Academic Writing with APA Focus Finding Literature for Research More Resources for Structuring Educational Research   Understanding Social Network Analysis with a Focus on Teacher Collaboration   Setting up Word Documents & Templates When writing a dissertation you need to have pretty decent word document processing skills and since I didn't really have those when I started I decided to read as many articles as I could and watch any related YouTube videos. The tools I am using are a 2018 Macbook Air with a copy of word for mac i

Using Mathematics to Help Buy a Car (Part 1 - the Intro)

Introduction I have just returned from an overseas teaching post and I find myself in the position that I need to buy a car in order to get around. Almost everyone will be faced with a similar situation in their life at some point. I have done a lot of writing recently about how to make Mathematics Teaching more authentic and this is exactly the type of situation teachers could use. So what are some of initial questions we need to be asking?  So probably the first decision one needs to make when buying a car, is approximately what amount of money can your budget support for the purchase.  In my particular case I am willing to spend between R80 000 and R110 000 cash. Then you need to decide are you going to buy a new or used car.  Once you have made these two decisions, the number of options available should be greatly reduced and therefore your decision making should be easier. The videos below gives a nice feel for the tradeoffs between buying a new or used car. Based on the rationale