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Teaching a computer to "see things while doodling"

Introduction Recently I came across an  awesome tool  that google released to assist in creating the world’s largest doodling data set of common objects. I used it in a weekly ICT lesson with Grade 8’s & 9’s and was surprised by how much they enjoyed it. We also managed to have a brief discussion of what a neural network is and how researchers  are trying to use them to teach computers to recognise common objects. Neural Network – “A computer system modelled on the human brain and nervous system.” Outline of Lesson Begin the lesson by asking the class if they know what a neural network is? They probably wont, then ask if they have ever heard of AI? Most will have, and some will even want to tell an interesting story about what they’ve heard. Explain how one of the challenges for AI is getting computers to recognise common objects. One type of solution is to have a massive human generated Database to compare things to. And today we are going to make our contribution