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Resources for Academic Writing with APA focus

Introduction As a result of doing my Masters and all the academic writing that comes with it, I have been building up quite a set of resources to help me structure and improve my writing. I thought it would be a good idea to put together a concise summary of what I have found, in order to help myself in future or anyone else in a similar position. Academic referencing is really just the Art of letting people know where you found your information. In order to do it in a way that communicates clearly, you need to be systematic and predictable in your approach. A number of recognised referencing systems have been developed for this purpose eg Harvard, APA, MLA, Chicago ... I will focus on the APA style as that is the system that is most common in the Social Sciences and it also the system that I most likely will be required to use, when doing my dissertation. Understanding the conventions of Referencing, efficiently.  So one of the things struct me about referencing is ho