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Would you like to improve your Digital Literacy or ICT skills. I have hundreds of hours of experience, training educators from all over the world. I would love to help you become a more effective educator, by leveraging the affordances of modern ICT's in your unique Learning Ecosystem.

Below is a snippet of the type of tools that I offer training on, however a tool is just one part of the equation when learning, the other is what type of learning engagement are you trying to create or experience.           

For that keep reading ....

Training Design

My experience suggests that groups of 3 educators at a broadly similar level of digital literacy is the optimal size for training, due to positive group dynamics and cost efficiency. My experiences also suggests that engaging with authentic learning problems and creating effective digital artefacts using the new ICT skills learnt in training, further consolidates the skills learnt to effect permanent positive change. So these are two of the key ideas that I use to inform how I design the training sessions. I offer two main types of training sessions online and in-person, with the more common one being online due to the convenience and flexibility. Further details can be found below.

Training Offered - Training Topics


This type of training  is conducted online using the Video Conferencing and Collaboration tool Zoom. Zoom has fantastic usability and offers a range of useful features for allowing meaningful learning to take place in the online space. I offer a broad range of training options and can also develop specific materials on request.  Below is a list of examples of the type of training that I have done in this space.


  • All of the above sessions can also be run in person on request - if an appropriate time and place can be found. My recommendation is that you limit the groups to between 3 and 10 people, if this is the type of session that would want to run.
  • Keynote Presentations for Events or Conferences
    Price on request and subject to travel costs and arrangements ...


  • Online 3 person training session (R500 per hour for the group) 
  • Online Individual Session (R400 per hour)
  • Online Pairs Session (R450 per hour for the pair) 
  • In-person  - R1200 per training hour and travel costs - maximum of 60 min total travel time
  • In-person - KeyNote - to be negotiated based on scope, content , time and audience involved

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