Participating in a Maths Explainer Competition with 3B1B


Recently I entered the 3 blue brown maths explainer competition. I really enjoyed participating, as it gave me an opportunity to focus and practice my mathematical lesson design skills in a way that I probably normally wouldn't do. I also came across some great advice in the process and learned quite a few new skills. 


Here is the general advice put forward at the beginning of the competition by the organiser. I think it's really good advice to keep in mind whenever you are designing a lesson or an explanation for a mathematical concept.

My Entry

Here is the entry that I put forward for the competition. I tried to explain trigonometry in a more intuitive and lower level type of way, in the hope that could take away some of the mystery and make the core ideas accessible and understandable. I also learn't some new PowerPoint animation skills along the way and I'm pretty happy with the end result. I also came across a really cool way for judging project submissions using distributed peer comparison voting. This was used in this competition and further details can be found here, here and here.


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