My Top 20 Resources on the Web for Maths Teachers


As we have all moved online for schooling , the need to locate high quality resources for maths teaching has become even more relevant. Here is my current top 20 collection of resource sites / channels. They are not ranked in any particular order. 
  1. Maths is Fun - fantastically simple but broad reference website with few ads
  2. Khan Academy - treasure trove of useful videos and practice 
  3. Nrich - storehouse of conceptually rich questions 
  4. Desmos - graphical calculator and fun well thought out dynamic activities 
  5. YouCubed - tasks designed with deep mathematical rigour
  6. Dy/Dan Blog - great original ideas for maths classes
  7. Siyavula Textbooks - open source & free to repurpose
  8. 3 Blue Brown Youtube Channel - inspiring visual mathematical concept videos 
  9. The Organic Chemistry Tutor  - simple effective help videos for maths 
  10. Crash Course Statistics  - really well thought out explainer videos 
  11. Dr Nic - amazing youtube channel for resource videos 
  12. MAP - conceptually rigorous assessments 
  13. Quizizz - great for consolidations quizzes 
  14. Kahoot - great for consolidation and excitement 
  15. Geogebra - exploring a wide variety of mathematics in a digital space 
  16. - concpetually rich thinking 
  17. Mindset Learn - store house of multimedia resources 
  18. Edpuzzle - math videos with embedded questioning 
  19. Ted -Ed - fantastic animation videos , riddles and though provoking intro's 
  20. MathsAntics - fantastic GR5 - GR9 simple maths intro videos


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