Euclidean Geometry for 11 - 13 year olds

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I just finished a course in Learning Design and  I am keen to keep experimenting with the new skills I developed, so that I consolidate them for the longer term. The first small task I have decided to undertake, is to use the MYP Unit planning framework to design a learning experience based around the subject area of Euclidean Geometry. Below is a Google Form I made, to make engaging with the framework a little easier. There is also a Word Doc Template I found. Over the longer term I am not quite sure which will be more useful? My hope is to be able to create an amazing unit on the topic. In order to do this I have  collected some of my best resources on the topic below. Once I am satisfied I have all the resources I need, I will then put summarise it all into my final unit plan.

Unit Planning using the IB MYP Planning Framework

Teachers planning MYP units might begin with reflection on: previously developed units of work:
  • required content
  • a successful teaching strategy
  • an effective summative assessment
  • an important ATL skill.
Overview of Unit Planning:
  • Targeted Key Concept for Mathematics:
  • Identify one key concept that drives the unit’s development.
  • Related Concepts for Mathematics
  • Other Related Concepts: Conceptual Understanding
  • Combine the key and related concepts into a brief sentence e.g. purposeful communication enhances audience engagement
  • Other Related Concepts: Global Context & Explorations
  • Statement of Inquiry:
  • Inquiry Questions:
  • Line of Inquiry Question: Factual, Conceptual or Debatable
  • Objectives:
  • Summative Assessment Outline of summative assessment task(s) including assessment criteria: Relationship between summative assessment task(s) and statement of inquiry:
  • ATL (Approaches to Learning)
  • Learner Profile

Introduction Activities 

Constructions (Ruler and Compass)

Language Activities 

Consolidation Activities 

Using Ruler & Compass

Types of Angles 
Angles on a straight line 
Symbols in Geometry 
Supplementary and Complementary 
Angles around a point 
Vertical Angles 
Parallel Lines 
Corresponding angles 
2D Shapes 
Triangles adding up to 180
Right Angles Triangles 

Summative Assessment 

Extension Activities 


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