My 1st Training Event (2012)

Recently I have set about documenting my learning over the last couple of years with the purpose of trying  to preserve a record of how my learning occurred, together with learning artifacts from the process. The event I describe in this post was the first training event I organized for other teachers and was inspired by my experience at  EdTechConf  2011. Below is the original email invite together with the original logo above.

Original Invite – March 2012
Intro: WGHS has decided to have a monthly optional meeting for those who would like to hear more about and discuss exciting developments in the field of educational technology.
Purpose: Develop Technology based skills to make learning easier & less admin work for the teacher
Where: Room 10/11
Focus S1: Using a safe social network to create a virtual classroom environment
Tools: Edmodo
Why: Free coffee and biscuits , good conversation and the chance to see something that could make your life as a teacher a lot easier
Format : 2 -2 15 Coffee & Chat
2 15 – 2 20 Welcome and Introduction
2 20 – 2 35 Introduction of Edmodo and Overview
2 35 – 3 00 Carrying out basic tasks in Edmodo
“Emphasis on Fun, Fun, Fun & Experimentation” otherwise why would we be here on a Fri aftn!


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